For more than fifteen years, London native Paul Anthony Scane has been documenting the ‘unseen’ side of London using a variety of analogue cameras. Paul’s work aims to document and display an alternate viewpoint of the U.K’s capital city whilst revealing undiscovered aspects of this historical location.
In 2018, Paul met Graphic Designer, James W. Mills at a photography exhibition on Portobello Road, where the pair realised they shared a passion for vintage negatives. This shared passion lead to the birth of ‘London Unseen’.
This archival image collaboration has developed into an artistic project that combines Paul’s back catalogue and a constantly developing collection of analogue negatives by unknown photographers to celebrate a compelling, ever-changing view of London imagery spanning from the 1800’s to the present day. The archive includes analogue formats from glass plates, 35mm, medium/large format negatives and a vast selection of iconic Koadachrome transparencies.
All of our products are made with the greatest of care, created in London, printed the UK and always as ethically sourced as possible.

Vintage Photography

London Unseen is building an ever-growing archive of memorable imagery that documents the city from the 1890’s to the 1980’s from original slides and negatives; all of which are professionally scanned on a top of the range Hasselblad Flextight X5 drum scanner, then colour-balanced and de-speckled.

The photographs are not about any one person or a particular artist seeking to express something publicly, and often these amateur images are technically imperfect, like life itself, and all the more interesting because of their imperfections. By preserving this important part of our archive, we sincerely hope that our collection of vintage London photography will satisfy anyone with a curiosity of memories from the past that will show the rapid changes to have swept over the city.